Ok, here’s a recap of my April. What an exciting and eventful month April was. With family birthdays, new magic opportunities, and some surprises, I had a really fun month.

We’ll start with the Special Interest Groups of the Dallas Magic Clubs. Jointly the Family Entertainment, Close Up/Restaurant, and Mentalism magic sigs met the first Wednesday of April at Humperdinks. Not one of the best attended meetings, but certainly far from the worse.

That first weekend began my performance run for the month. I appeared at the Allen Americans Playoff Hockey game, pregame festivities. There were lots of things to do, including watching a magic show! Also, my wife and little Angelynn went with some friends to Destin, Florida for a few days, leaving me and Thomas to be bachelors.  Monday was Thomas’ birthday, so we went to Dave & Busters for some birthday fun.

The next weekend was “Blessing of the Vines” festival in Grapevine. I performed for 5 hours of close up magic at the Cross Timbers Winery in Grapevine.  Here’s a link to what a few people thought about the magic of MrGoodfriend at Cross Timbers Winery. Next was Sunday and Angelynn’s 3rd birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I was so impressed at the way Chuck E. Cheese handled the entire event, I had to write a review and blog about it. Check it out here: review of Chuck E. Cheese.

Next was the monthly meeting of the Dallas Magic Clubs where I was elected Vice-President of the club for 2012-2013. Don’t worry, there’s no extra pay. And actually, there’s probably more head aches. But I have lots of pills thanks to my coupon wife!

I took a week of vacation on April 23, and got a lot of things done around the house. Plus, I helped a few friends with their internet marketing, search engine optimization, and online reputation management.

classic magician MrGoodfriend

Classic magician standing by classic car.

We ended the vacation week with a fundraiser barbecue at First United Methodist Church of Allen for Impact Mango.

So that rounds up April 2012. I already know May has a lot in store too.