blue & gold magic show in plano

Blue & Gold Banquet Magic Show

MrGoodfriend gets the pack to assist with magic.

Did you see where it went?

Did you feel something happen?

How did that get there?

Is that your money?

The Vanishing Bandana

Anyone see a yellow bandana?

Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet Entertainment

February is the month of Scouting birthday. To celebrate, most packs have an annual event call the Blue & Gold Banquet. This is a fun evening that sometimes replaces a regular meeting. This “birthday party” brings families together to celebrate another year of Scouting and recognize the achievements of the Scouts and Pack leaders.

MrGoodfriend’s Magic Show is perfect for your Pack’s special celebration. The fun filled laughter and AMAZING magic gets everyone involved. Scout Packs in Dallas have been entertained with the Blue & Gold Banquet Show of MrGoodfriend.

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