40th Birthday Party Fun With The Magic of MrGoodfriend

Your special birthday party will be more fun with the crowd friendly magic of MrGoodfriend. MrGoodfriend will entertain your guests, keep them laughing and being absolutely freaked out by his amazing magic. This 40th birthday party will be remembered for all of the friends and family and the celebration of your special day. And they will remember the magic that was up close and personal.

“MrGoodfriend was so amazing, my friends were telling me he was from another planet!” — Kelly, Frisco, TX

MrGoodfriend’s casual and easy going style will keep your guests entertained and really enjoying your party. His ‘Magic Of The Mind’ will amaze as he sees things your friends only thought were hidden.40th birthday party It’s all part of the magical show celebrating your very special day.

Some other 40th birthday party ideas.

Trip to Vegas! (not everyone can go.)

Dinner show. (are you paying for everyone?)

Barbecue at the lake. (bring plenty of insect repellent.)

Okay, maybe I’m not making a great case for having MrGoodfriend be your 40th birthday party entertainment, but I will tell you this: everyone will have a good time, and will remember the occasion for a long time.