I bring a family friendly amazing comedy magic show, perfect for all ages to your location.

You can relax, enjoy the show. MrGoodfriend has your party entertainment handled.
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Entertainment Adults & Kids Love

MrGoodfriend keeps kids laughing and amazed. Kids love magic and MrGoodfriend gives them lots of what they love.

On Time & Professional

With years of experience, and member of the most prestigious magic organizations, MrGoodfriend eases your mind about choosing him for your special event.

Exceptional Value

You will have a professional show that your friends and family will enjoy and compliment you for great memories.

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Party Magician MrGoodfriend provides kids party entertainment around the Dallas area.

Kids Party Entertainment

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MrGoodfriend is an amazing magician for kids birthday parties

Kids love the laughs and amazing magic MrGoodfriend peforms. Your party will be a SMASH HIT! His “Amazing Magic Hat Show” will dazzle and entertain. What else will happen with MrGoodfriend, magician for kids birthday parties? Disappearing bananas??? But of course… Flying birthday girl?? Who knows??

The birthday celebrant is featured in the show, and everyone gets to laugh and have lots of fun. Kids from 5-12 are thrilled at the magic and comedy laughs from the amazing MrGoodfriend.

What do friends and family think about a magician for kids birthday parties?

Everyone has a good time. Imagine a room full of kids eagerly watching a real class show right in their own home? Can you see what these kids will be talking about for weeks after the party? They got to see a real magic show up close and personal. And many of them will get to talk about how they were the magician’s assistant! Having a magician for kids birthday parties is a great idea for a birthday party theme.

Private Party Entertainment

Adult Party Entertainment

MrGoodfriend magic show is good for kids over 12 too. Let’s face it, we all want to laugh and be amazed. The magic of MrGoodfriend isn’t just for kids. Amazing sleight of hand up close and personal will keep you and your friends entertained like never before. The Magical Mind show delves into the magic of thought and mind.

Magic is a great hospitality suite entertainment idea.

MrGoodfriend has worked in the corporate world for a Fortune 100 company. That means he understands the value of good entertainment when you are socializing with your customers or potential clients. MrGoodfriend’s comedy magic, and amiable style will have your guests laughing and being amazed at the magic in their hands. If you are hosting 10 or 500, MrGoodfriend will provide quality and affordable hospitality suite entertainment.

Do you have a product you want to pitch? MrGoodfriend can accommodate his routine to feature your new product or service. His professional savvy and marketing expertise will put the best light on your company and your products and services. Your guests will totally enjoy your hospitality suite entertainment.